Home is your largest body.
He lives in the sun and falls asleep in the stillness of the night;
and it’s not dreamless.

(cit. Khalil Gibran)

Our mission

Our first mission is always aimed at the customer who will be pampered and welcomed in a relaxing and muffled environment, ideal for a break from the noise of the world. But ours is also an eco-sustainable mission and for this reason we are ready to offer you safe and guaranteed products, in total harmony with nature, respecting the environment and animals.

Our commitment

The customer first. We will try to always give you innovative and quality products, paying particular attention to the service.

selected brands

We will take care of the choice of brands looking for high quality and attention to detail to offer you excellent products.


La Maison Blanche is a boutique born from the dreams of Maura and Michele, in the center of the town of Saluzzo. Entering it means crossing a border: imagine walking on any day through the streets of your city, then opening a door and finding yourself catapulted into the romantic atmosphere of the shabby chic style, which has the power to take us back in time, a time made of colors, scents, details, able to evoke stories, memories, beauty. It means entering into their dream, which after a long journey started together in 2015, full of hope, passion and sacrifice, they managed to give that dream a concrete form. The taste for beauty like Polaris, their stubbornness and the continuous desire to get involved and to always seek the highest quality in every artifact, whether it is a furnishing accessory or refined linen for the home … because we understand that there is no true beauty if there is no beauty of ethics, if we do not fight together for a better world. We told you that the door to the boutique is a border. Today this border can also be crossed while remaining in the comfort of your home, thanks to our new and practical e-commerce. A few clicks, and you will have the opportunity to explore as you like the dream of elegance and refinement created by Maura and Michele. Have a good trip.

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