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Furnishing your home in a shabby style means telling a story. Each piece of furniture, each piece of furniture, each shabby touch carries within it the life of an object which, restored, returns to shine with refinement to give our spaces a romantic and chic atmosphere. The core of the shabby style was born in the great country houses of Victorian England. Among old paintings, large chandeliers, chintz sofas and snowy curtains.

But the historical influences don't stop there: let's think of the furniture of the old French castles on the Loire, or the American "shakers" style, or even the Swedish “Gustav”. The consecration, the true birth of shabby chic, however, dates back to the 80s, when Rachel Ashwell made it known to the world starting from her very famous New York boutique. Add a glam and eccentric touch to the recipe and here is one of the most popular interior design styles ever, and unlike any other. Discover the La Maison Blanche furniture selection, and tell your story.

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